Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I hate being sick. For the past couple of days, all I have been consuming are apple juice, water, and veggies. This really sucks, especially when I was at my company's Christmas party last Friday. I mean, they had all this food and I only had a small portion - imagine that! I could have helped myself to some dessert, but NOOOOOO, I was sick.

Did I ever mention that I'm going to Montreal for four days? I went once two summers ago, but now I actually get to experience Montreal in the winter. Not that I especially like the snow, but it would be a whole different experience in the winter! Just imagine the amount of people there will be on the streets, and in the shopping malls!

Three more days to go.. and counting..

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Now I'm officially sick. My stomach is turning upside down and then sideways.. not good. Maybe I have food poisoning, maybe I ate something that I wasn't supposed to. This really sucks, considering how close it is to Christmas and all. I don't want to be sick during Christmas - which always happens to be the case. I either get some form of cold/flu/sickness around festive times..

Oh well, my life is full of irony :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Feeling sick today :( must be something I ate yesterday because my stomach doesn't feel too well. I don't feel like eating either.. bleh.. could it be the black pepper chicken I had last night? Hmm..

I wrote my Economics exam on Monday night - let's just say that it wasn't exactly the best examiniation experience I have had. Oh well, at least it's over and I can continue to procrastinate.

Monday, December 10, 2001

I am the laziest blogger ever. Haven't blogged just because I'm busy.. what kind of excuse is that?

Anyhow, I have an Economics exam tomorrow at 7pm. So I should be studying, but of course, this is the perfect time for me the blog. I just love procrastinating.. :)