Friday, November 30, 2001

I got to work today, feeling like a goldfish that hasn't slept in two weeks. Okay, maybe I don't feel like a goldfish. I stayed up until 3am this morning helping my girlfriend with her presentation. So I admit, I have *some* artistic talent for making things look 'pretty', as girls would like to say. In my eyes, I think it just looks 'right'. I think my perfectionist qualities is the major reason for that - not to say that it is necessarily a good thing to be a perfectionist. I'm damn proud of being one though.

Anyway, so she rehersed the presentation at my place a few times. Normally I could stay up for hours - heck, during school I pull all nighters! The fact that I'm sick (physically!), and that I haven't really slept in a week didn't help the process much. So this morning I almost fell asleep driving to work, and as soon as I got to work, I had to hit the coffee machine. Three cups today and counting...

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