Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Surprisingly, I have not been swamped with work yet! At about the same time last semester, I was already on my 'come near me and I'll kill you' mood. This time around, it seems pretty relaxed and not so disorganized. It feels good though - I have good feelings about this semester. I think I will learn a lot, and hopefully out-perform myself once again. However, I have learned one important thing from my experience in the summer - never neglect to do other things in my life. I suppose I had given up a lot of things when I focused on school, and now that I think back, was it really worth it?

Life is really like those adventure book games - always faced with difficult decisions. Should I go down the road or follow the unicorn? :) You know those books where you choose your path and then flip to page 23? Then you make another decision and flip to page 79? Yeah, those.

I found out today that they are no longer mailing us our report cards. Welcome to the digital age, ladies and gentlemen. Now we have to 'print' our own grade reports. How authentic is that. Really. I can just make up my marks.. but.. uhh.. that would be an academic offence.

All the job postings start tomorrow - so it's once again time for the routine of photocopying resumes, figuring out which jobs to apply for, and keep count of how many I have already applied. I really hope there will be enough jobs for all of us in my class. It would suck if some people couldn't get jobs because there just weren't enough!

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