Wednesday, February 06, 2002

I had my first interview today for this term. Probably going to be my last, but that's another story all together. Anyhow, just feel like rambling on about the interview today. It was definitely memorable, as I have not been *ever* humiliated by an interviewer as badly as I did today. Perhaps it was my lack of skill and intelligence to answer his questions, but I didn�t feel like myself today. Nine out of the ten questions he asked, I didn�t have an answer for. To make the matter worse, I got the tenth one wrong. Way to go.

Strangely enough, they actually WANTED to interview me. The position they are hiring is a Digital Signal Processing Researcher - which means, lots of Calculus and circuit analysis, which I have minimal exposure to. Oh well, I guess only time will tell.. I won�t find out until next week anyway. In the meantime, let�s hope I will be getting more interviews.

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