Sunday, May 19, 2002

Yeppers, one whole month without blogging. As you may have noticed that I have updated my webcam picture on the left - yes, I finally got internet acecss at home. Don't ask me why I'm still up at 4am, but I just couldn't get to sleep. Something is bothering me - yes.. I don't know what. Don't you ever get that sometimes? When you just feel so restless but can't pinpoint what it is that bothers you so much. It's really bothering me too.. since I have been rolling around in bed for two hours, and couldn't fall asleep.

Let's see if I could re-construct the past month in this short blog. Finished finals, moved out of Waterloo, made a trip down to the US and visited several states (literally). Left the states to head straight to Ottawa, where I'm working for the next four months (more on that later). Then went back to Toronto, and then into Waterloo, out to Toronto, back to Waterloo, and Toronto again, then Ottawa. I have been here since May 4th. Yes, I hate long distance driving. It sucks - big time.

Well, perhaps I can try rolling around for another hour or two - then maybe I will see sunrise. Hahaha.

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