Saturday, June 21, 2003

Retroactive Update

This is a one-blog summary of everything that happened in the past two months :

- Work report. It tortured me like it always did. I could go on, but you can just refer to all my previous blogs about how horrible of an experience I have while completing it.

- 4th Year Project. Starting was a little rough, with hundreds of pages to submit every week. It is starting to feel more like a writing assignment than a design project. Thank goodness it's all over. Of course, our team pulled an all-nighter to finish the interim report, and I caused my teammates to all get a parking ticket. Sorry people :)

- School. As mentioned previously, it's a horrible thing. Taking more than I'm supposed to really hurts. When they say 4th year is easy, they mean if you do BARE MINIMUM and pick your courses correctly, it will be easy. Now I'm in the lab all day and spend most of my weekends awake at 9am, I don't think it's *that* easy.

- Convocation. Not me, but Evelyn and my wacky friends. Pretty pictures were taken, parties were attended. Now they are all doing their own thing. (maybe except for Evelyn, but she calls "Sleeping and bumming around" a real job)

- Co-op. I didn't get any jobs outside of Canada this time. Kinda sucks if you ask me, since I really really wanted to work in the US at least once. Oh well, guess I'll be saving some money living at home.

That's all folks. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog posts. (YAY!)

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