Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Band Show

Once again, after a long weekend I am completely unmotivated to work. Spent the entire day staring at the screens and being counter-productive - just as well, as today was extremely quiet at work. Promised a friend to see his gig after work today, so I stayed behind at work a little because his show doesn't actually start until 8pm. It was held in the basement of a bar close to the river, which wasn't too difficult to find. The room was cozy (read: smokey), and the aucostics were quite good. Turned out that it was a student show for those enrolled in a music course.

There were different styles of music played through the night, and I must say that some of their own material was quite fascinating! I always enjoy these events, because it's so fresh from what we hear on the radio all the time. Unfortunately I had to leave after the first few sets because of work obligations the next day.. but hopefully they hold these events often..


Adrian said...

Hey guy. Just wondering if they play cover or they play original stuff? I'm curious. And also, did you but samples ?

MiDNiTiE said...

They do both.. one lady wrote and played her own song, and I must say it was extremely professional. You would have thought it was a new talent releasing her first CD.

Unfortunately they are all just _students_ and therefore have no samples..