Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Barcelona Grand Prix

Now that I'm a bit more awake, let's recap the weekend's festivities. On Saturday night we went to Passadis del Pep, a famous restaurant by any standards. We were all served enough food and wine to get an elephant drunk and stuffed. The red wine was simply superb - it was a blended wine (85% tempranillo ,10% graciano,5% mazuelo), and it was probably the best red wine I've had. The food was excellent also.. one 'small' problem though.. they served a whole lot of seafood. (who would have thought.. haha) Which translates to me watching people eat and enjoying the wine without eating too much.. mm.. that wasn't a good combination.

Afterwards we headed to the Elephant, a see-and-be-seen nightclub in Barcelona. We were escorted to a cordoned-off area for VIPs, and drinks began to flow from very well-dressed waiters and waitresses. Fully aware that I'll need to be awake in the early hours of the morning, took off promptly when the first bus took us back to the hotel.. it was already 3am..

The morning came way too soon, and I slept my way from the hotel to Grand Prix. Luckily, the buzz and noise at the grounds woke me up as soon as I got off the bus. The atmosphere was amazing - so many fans for Alonso, given his recent success in the F1. We watched the qualifiers, and ate some free hotdogs and such. The seats we got was a bit down from the starting point, and we got to see most of the curves on the track from a far view. The race itself was pretty much a non-event, with Raikkonen leading the whole way. The best part was watching Schumacher spin out.. haha.

Hung out a little more with some new friends before heading back to the airport for my late flight back to London..

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