Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time goes by too quickly..

Especially when I'm having fun, time just flies by and already I'm back in HK. Just a quick update before I'm off to bed. When we arrived, the taxi that Winnie had originally booked failed to show up (apparently gotten the dates wrong, don't you love flights that arrive at 1am?). We had to quickly look around for any free taxis to take us back to where she was staying. Her mom arrived the day after, and we just took a nice little walk in the city for a while. She actually still had to work on the Monday, so I spent the day with her mom and her aunt and we had some pretty interesting conversations (ie. learnt a lot about Winnie that I would've had to force it out of her)..

The highlight of the trip was of course the spa trip. We took the MRT (MTR, subway, tube, whatever you want to call the underground train) to one of the terminus stations near her house, and waited for a connection shuttle to take us to the spa resort. It was quite high up on the mountain and the scenery was spectacular! The room was very cozy and the spa was basically the bathtub built into the room. I quickly turned on the spa water tap and enjoyed the spa right away. Even though we were only there for one night, I took every opportunity to sink into that tub.. took a little stroll with Winnie around the mountain and explored the resort a little. After heading back to Taipei earlier this morning, I took the night flight back to HK and here I am.

Although I didn't actually do that much during the trip, it was the time spent with Winnie that was important..

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