Sunday, March 17, 2002

Blech.. I feel so wired but absolutely drained out. Been up since 10am, working on.. you know what. Operating system, that's what. I sometimes wonder why I put myself through this, I mean, I could have *easily* gone to another school and probably finished my degree in no time. Instead, I choose to be here and suffer through all the extreme deadlines and the incredible amount of work. I mean, even the _real world_ don't require you to write an operating system in a fully functional sense in three weeks. You crazy? They pay people BIG BUCKS for doing this. Oh right, I forgot, I'm also *PAYING* to be tortured. Not to mention their 15% increase of tuition next term.

Yes, I said it correctly, FIFTEEN PERCENT. What kind of school is this, a private American snobby rich school? If I want to pay $8k every year to receive an education, I would have applied to the US. I still remember when I started (seems so long ago now), the tuition was a little less than $6k a year. This is simply getting ridiculous - deregulation of tuition really sucks.

Alright, enough of me complaining. Time to hit the coding once again and hope to survive until Thursday - when this whole thing *SHOULD* be over.

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