Friday, April 05, 2002

Oh right, I almost forgot to mention this. Classes were officially over on April 1st, and I have accomplished a feat that I promised the world (alright fine, it was mostly myself) that I would see it completed. Are you ready for this?

I attended every single lecture this term!!!!

Once upon a time (I am making myself sound so old), I was young and naive. (more like stupid and useless) Anyhow, I made this bet with a certain individual (actually, more like several people, since nobody believed me at the time) that I would attend all my classes in my frosh year. Of course that never made it through the first three weeks. :P Being frosh was just so much fun (there were other reasons, but I won't elaborate now - e-mail me if you want to know more) and as such, the bet was off. Of course I still owe this certain individual a night of free flowing alcohol and women (hey wait, I never said anything about the women part). So bring it on, show me how much you can drink!

PS: See what happens when you study for 16 hours a day for a week? Absolute insanity!

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