Thursday, June 13, 2002

Enrollment for the next school term is today, and I already had several weeks to ponder on what course to take. I narrowed it down to about five to six courses. Fine, maybe that's not really narrowing it down, but it's better than picking any course at random. I'd like to share with you the pros and cons of each course I considered :)

French 151 - Yeah it's French. I remember after my grade 10 French class, I vowed to never ever take French again. Well, I take that back. FR151 shouldn't be too bad, especially if it's only introductory level. I think I still remember how to count from 1 to 10. :P Too bad it's lab-intensive, and lots of lecture hours and tutorials.

Spanish 101/Japanese 101 - Same idea as French, only I have absolutely no background in these. Not a bad idea to learn some new languages though!

Economics 371 - Finance Economics. This is almost like taking high school accounting + math all over again. They teach stuff like annunities, future/present value, etc. Plus some accounting principles. Not a bad course if I ever want to become a manager, or just to learn to have a better sense of making business decisions.

Psychology 101 - Oh yes, the course that every person walking out of university must have taken sometime during their undergraduate years. Too much reading, though. Plus the only section I could take is at night.. not that I have anything against night courses, but psychology might be a bit too much to absorb for three hours straight.

SMF 204 - It's not as bad as you think. For those of you who don't know, this is the course that sounds good but in fact it's a lot of work. This is, ladies and gentlemen, Introduction to Human Sexuality. (hence SMF - Sexuality, Marriage, and Family) Now get your mind outta the gutter, you don't watch p0rn all class and study them. In fact, it gets very scientific in the beginning. Topics include the anatomy of the reproductive systems, how sex is viewed in our society, pornographic material, sex for sale, etc. It is actually quite interesting. And no, Adrian, I did not write the textbook for this course :P Although, there is a chapter on positions........

Accounting 231 - Business law. Everything you want to know about laws governing the business world. This should be interesting, especially with the whole Enron thing going on. I think it's pretty beneficial to have a background knowledge in what I can or cannot do once I step out of school. :)

So guess which one I took?

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