Monday, July 22, 2002

On Saturday two of my housemates, my girlfriend, and I went to watch the Just for Laughs show "Simpsons : In the Flesh" at the Place Des Arts theatre in Montreal! I have only been to Montr�al twice before this, and this is the second time I have been there in the summer (the last time I went was a few days before Christmas). Montr�al is always a fun city to visit - reminds me of being in Toronto, has the perks of HK (where 11pm is considered early), and it is definitely a 'beautiful' city. :) Every time I go back there, I always discover something a little bit different about the city. I suppose doing a work term in Montr�al wouldn't be such a bad idea afterall - I do want to travel and experience life from a different point of view.

We left Ottawa at around noon, and through the endless driving through the farms and forests, we arrived in Montr�al at 2pm. We had a bit of a detour due to the fact we did not have a map of Montr�al on hand, but we did eventually arrive at Place Des Arts about half an hour later. Since the show is at 4pm, we went to grab a bite to eat at the nearby mall. (Adrian, Tania, and Andrew would know exactly which mall I am talking about) Finally, more poutine for me! I have been dying for the authetic poutine and I couldn't believe how much better it tastes after anticipating it for so long! Mmm.. have to go back to Montr�al for more later this summer!

Now on with the show. The show is basically all the voice artists behind the Simpsons going on stage and reading through an entire script. Sounds boring? See the show before you judge it! If you know anything about the Simpsons, you should know that each voice artist does voices for multiple characters. Sometimes they even have arguments with 'themselves'! The show started with some of the funniest clips from the Simpsons past, including the one where Homer got high on drugs and he sees rainbows everywhere. After which all the voice artists started reading the script - and let me tell you, it's surreal to see the voices behind the characters. I don't think I can watch the Simpsons the same ever again! Everytime I watch the show, I'll see these people reading the scripts out loud. I don't know whether it ruins my experience of watching the show, or will it enhance it by gaining a deeper understanding of the show itself. It is not JUST a cartoon - it's thoughtful, witty, often addresses current issues in our society (and poke fun at it).

The best part of the entire show was at the end where audiences were given the chance to ask questions. People asked the artists to say certain lines in certain character's voice (the funniest one was when Homer said "Mmmmm.. Canadian beer.."). Other people asked questions such as why there is so much hatred towards monkeys and robots, when will the show end (which Matt Groening promptly answered "When people stop watching"), why they got rid of Maude, etc. The show lasted 1 hour 40 minutes or so.

After the show we walked around Montr�al a bit, had dinner, then went bar-hopping and clubbing. :) Hahaha.. we didn't get home until 3am!

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