Friday, July 19, 2002

So I wanted to talk about the Ottawa Fringe Festival that I attended couple of weeks ago. It is an urban theatre festival, featuring over 100 different theatre companies performing numerous shows over a week-long festival, it is truly a celebration of the arts. The shows are usually one act (about an hour long), and the topic is wildly varies. Ottawa is only one of the many fringe festivals around the country (and the world!). They have these festivals in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, even as far as Hong Kong!

For those who don't know, I'm a really big theatre-person. Although sometimes I don't have enough time (and $$$) to see all the shows I want, I catch them whenever I could. I'm going to do a little review section here of all the plays I have seen. I am not a critic, nor am I going to pretend to be one. Just trying to give some personal opinions on some of the shows I have seen, so perhaps if you see them on the road, you can catch one of these shows also!

Adonis for Sale
This show is about three infertile couples trying to bid for sperm online. Yes the idea might sound a little alternative, but it is definitely a refreshing idea. The three couples, all have their own individual problems, but linked by the fact that they put their hopes in bidding on the sperm that will allow them to have children.

Breakdancing has been almost branded a male-dominant event. Not anymore. Not after watching a bunch of girls showing me how it's done properly. It was artistic.. and they definitely showed that girls can do pretty much anything if they want to!


The Love Talker

... and what she found there

JOB - the Hip Hop Musical

Canadian Toast

The Canada Show
I learned so much more about Canada that I didn't use to know before watching the show!

The Condom, the Cucumber, and the Girl from Ipanema
By far the FUNNIEST show I have ever seen.

The Right Side of Left

Cobra : The Musical
Does anybody remember the Cobra? From G.I. Joe? Yeah, that annoying guy with the annoying voice is back. Terrible isn't it? They made a musical, and made fun of Hamlet, and all sorts of funny things happened. It's kinda hard to tell you what happened because quite frankly, I don't remember either. :)

News of the Day
Interesting thoughtful piece.

Note: I got too lazy to type them all up. If I ever get a chance to finish reviewing them, I'll tell you all. For now, well, at least you know which shows I saw. :)

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