Sunday, November 17, 2002

Right now I'm into the programming mode for a good week - my software engineering project is due next Friday. I will be spending day and night in the lab, non-stop, no sleeping, for the next week. This really reminds me of last semester when I had to do the stupid operating systems project. At least this time there is no hardware to interact with - maybe it'll be easier? It's finally back to what we're familiar with, just simple C coding and nothing fancy. Except now we have to use UNIX messages.. ugh.. right. I just entered 'geek mode' also.. excuse me.

Nothing much is happening. Next Friday (which happens to be the day that I will be submitting my project) I will be attending a charity ball with Evelyn. I am sure it will be lots of fun. Too bad Adrian couldn't make it, but some of my other friends will be there too. Need to start going on a diet in order to fit in those pants I have. I wonder if it's formal or just semi-formal. Oh well, doesn't matter, for guys, it's just a shirt and a tie, jacket optional type deal. :)

Back to coding..

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