Friday, November 15, 2002

Something really funny happened to me over the weekend when I went to the mall with Evelyn. First of all, it was pretty far away from campus so not a lot of people know about it. The first impression I got when I walked in was, "Wow, this feels just like being in high school again." because there were MANY younger teenagers roaming around. Secondly, there were almost no presence of Asians.. feels just like where I used to live.

I got hungry while walking around so I went to a certain fast-food place for food. The girl that was serving me, she was no more than 16 or 17. As she was serving me, she couldn't keep her eyes off me. Not in a weird kinda way, but just staring and smiling and giggling and the whole thing. It took me a while to click in what she was doing. Then she started whispering to her friend and giggle some more. Now fine, maybe you may think that I'm ugly and she's just laughing at me. Well then she started piling on the food, and it was almost double of what I was supposed to get. Anyway, the whole time she didn't take her eyes off me. It was kinda funny at the time.

But that wasn't it!

Then Evelyn got thirsty so we went to get juice. The girl at the juice place ended up charging me for a small, gave me a large, and had to say to me, "I think I charged you for a medium.. but I'll give you a large anyway." I mean, I am not going to refuse an gratuitous offer like that! Much like the first girl, she was smiling at me quite a bit.

Funniest part of the whole story - Evelyn was right next to me the whole time these events occurred. Not that she�s the jealous type - we even talked about the events after and had a good laugh. It was funny though, the forwardness of these younger teenagers makes me feel so old.

Perhaps they both had a really good day at work and they genuinely feel happy. Yeah, that must be it.

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