Thursday, September 25, 2003

Rush, dash, run..

First of all, I might have offended some people when I said that nobody wants to listen - well it was 6am when I posted that. :) Most of my readers would be sleeping at that moment.. plus, it was more of a symbolic metaphor that came out wrong. So I apologize to those who sent me angry e-mails.

It's been non-stop action for the past couple of days! With graduate school scholarship applications, and full time job searching, I'm up to my neck with work to do. Plus I haven't been sleeping well (see previous post), and been realizing that none of my friends really like me for who I am, it fuels to my frustration and short-tempered behaviour. (as if my usual short-temper is not bad enough)

Feels like I'm running a marathon, but with no end in sight. *sigh*

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