Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm Not Funny

During my public speaking class today, we had to give an entertaining 'impromptu' speech. Basically we are given a topic, and 10 minutes to general a 90 second speech. The speech is supposed to be light, entertaining, and most of all, funny.

Those who have known me for a while should know that I'm not funny. Okay, more specifically, I can be LAME funny, but not "Haha" funny. Besides, I am only good for on-the-spot laughter. To prepare a 90 second speech is stretching my funny-capacity by a mile.

In addition to that, my topic is: "A day in the life of a sock"

The conclusion? I'm not funny. Sure, I made a couple of puns (I am 'hole'y.. hehe), some movie references (at the washer, I held onto her, and utter the words, "You jump, I jump").. but nobody really laughed. I got some giggles, that's it. Compared to some of the other speeches, mine seemed so dry and boring.

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