Sunday, April 17, 2005

Shopping Mall

After being here in London for a while, I have realised the lack of the ginormous shopping malls here. Perhaps it's the lack of space in central London, but all the so-called "malls" I've been to feel like those crappy ones with six shops and no major labels.

I think I just broke the myth this weekend by stumbling upon Bluewater. It is actually located about an hour away from central London by train, on top of a bus connection for ten minutes. Despite the traveling distance, I enjoyed the day thoroughly. It felt just like home - all the familiar labels (both in UK and Canada/US) were there, and it was HUGE!! Probably because it is located so far away from where land is expensive. In any case, I didn't buy anything (too poor to do that).. but I enjoyed a full day of indulging in window shopping again..

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to those blogs before? I haven't seen any of those latest ones until today! :D I just want to say, it takes a mature and secure man to be able to blog about window shopping. ;)