Friday, October 21, 2005

Weaker by the day

Now I am convinced that my health deteriorates by the day while I'm living in this country. For the past three days, I've been going to work, and then sent home because I was too ill to stay at work. Normally this doesn't happen to me whilst I was in university, so I've come up with two theories why I've been sick so much more:

1) I'm living in a different country and it's location-related
2) I'm doing a different job and it's job-related

Now let's look at reason #2. I concur that the job is stressful and it involves long hours. However, at least it's routine stress and the hours are stable, unlike in university which comes in waves. So to say that my constant illness is stress induced would be questionable.

Therefore, I'm going with reason #1. Which also means that I'll need to get out of this country asap if I want to live until 30. (let's be honest, with the junk I eat everyday, I'm glad I'm still alive today)

Tonight a few friends are coming over and we're heading to the fish market first thing in the morning. The rest of that story will come later...

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Anonymous said...

I missed this many blogs again. Thought I'd never see new ones but here they are in heaps. Hope everything is going well with you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and get out of this unhealthy lifestyle now! My new job is giving me stress too but it doesn't seem to be half as much as yours. I'm hiding away from the rest of the world right now and hybernating (a.k.a. cramming for a Jan 4 exam). :P The pressures that some companies put on their employees ... need to be a cooler employee, basically. Ramble ramble me. Yiffie