Monday, October 03, 2005

House Party

One of the things I missed about being in Canada is the concept of house parties. Perhaps it's because I don't know many people here, and I didn't attend university in this country. Oh and the fact that I'm no longer 19 might contribute to the factor that "drinking until you puke" is no longer equivalent to a good weekend. Nevertheless, I still miss the atmosphere of drinking with random people and bonding over alcohol. Hence, I made sure I took advantage of the opportunity for a house party held by an ex-colleague last night.

His place was near Vauxhall station, which nears Brixton. Now I know why people warned me of Brixton at night - let's just say I'm glad I made it safely from the tube station to his house. The party was really great though, three floors to the house with a DJ on the roof blasting good beats. There was also a jacuzzi and a kitchen full of alcohol. I witnessed a belt fight over a small pond in the backyard, and some random guy (not part of my group of friends) joined in for no apparent reason.

With that much alcohol going around, hilarity definitely ensued.

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Anonymous said...

Random guy part sounds very interesting. :D Thumbs up to him for getting all the free booze.