Saturday, December 10, 2005

Company Christmas Seasonal Party

Just to be PC, it is no longer a Christmas party but a seasonal party. I suppose that opens up opportunities for parties during other "seasons", like spring, or summer. Last night was my company's party, and it was held at quite a central location in the City. To be honest, I missed last year's party for the team party (coincidentally it was on the same day), and I am quite curious how the actual company party is given the rave reviews it got last year.

Hmm I was told to wear a tie, and that people supposedly go "all out" on nights like these. When I got there - surely the ladies look fab and it is apparent that they put a lot of effort in, but the blokes.. well, sorta like me, just work clothes basically. A few did dress up a little more, but it didn't put me out of place.

It was a rather big venue, with tables scattered all over the place and buffet-style booths situated around the hall. They had some interesting selections of food, mostly Asian-influenced (I say influenced because it's not really Chinese food but the kind you get at those $14.99 all-you-can-eat types back home). I was much more interested in the two chocolate fountains - a continuous flow of chocolate and an endless supply of strawberries, marshmallow, pineapples, and biscuits to dip in. I think I must have stood there for 20 minutes and gained 5 pounds while at it.

They also had a stage with some performers (a bunch of girls dancing or something, wasn't really paying attention), a dance floor, go-karts, and indoor virtual golf. My company really threw some money into this event!

Unfortunately I had to cut my night short because I had to be at work this morning, and the party ended shortly after midnight anyway (so that people can actually come into work). Needless to say, the office was a bit empty today.. Apparently "a lot" happened last night and I'm sure the rumour mills were bustling with activity around the coffee machines today.

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