Thursday, December 01, 2005


Went out with another broker last night to a restaurant called Cocoon. It was located right off Piccadilly Circus on Regent Street, so its location is already quite trendy. Turns out it was a Japanese fusion Chinese cuisine, which was a little bit strange to me. The decor is very circular based, with almost everything sphere-like and even the chairs look like pods. The food was quite.. unique. They have this blow-torched sushi, which is basically nigiri that's been torched slightly. We had the fatty tuna kind, which tasted absolutely fantastic. The other food was quite interesting too... and of course we had a lot of wine to go with the food.

Wednesday night wasn't exactly a good "party" night, as I have another big day coming up at work. I'll definitely return to this restaurant though and try their different fusion food.

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