Monday, October 28, 2002

I really hate to put a damper on things, especially on my birthday. It's supposed to be a happy day. R-I-G-H-T. Anybody that says Happy Birthday to me will get a witty reply, such as "How happy can you be when you spend the entire day in the library?" or "Would you be happy if you were me!?"

I'm starting to believe that birthdays are just a milestone. Just a day that marks the end of one year and starting of the next. It holds no special significance at all. Nothing. Especially when you're a student and there's a midterm tomorrow. It just loses all meaning. Maybe I shouldn't care too much about it anymore. After all, I'm just getting older. It's not special or anything.

So I've been here since 11am - but I did get an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings time. So my birthday lasted 25 hours today. Yay. I should celebrate. This is ridiculous. I'm wasting my life away here in this Davis Centre Library. It feels like my youth and energy is just slowly dripping away.

Never mind me, I'm just ranting because I had a crappy birthday. Well, at least some people remembered. Some people even went out of their way to get my friends together for a birthday dinner two nights ago. I should be grateful. At least some people care. Oh and I got a phone call at 12:02am. That was very nice of them. Then again, there are people whom I once thought would be there for me regardless what happened, and now I don't even get a simple 'happy birthday' from them..

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