Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Let me rant a little more now about my stupid degree here at Waterloo. They really don't understand how much stress they put us under - and sometimes I wonder how so many of us are still sane. Yeah, so I'm in my fourth year of university, I should just suck it up and take it. But this is the point when I just decide ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. First of all, we have midterms. Fine, they come and go every semester. Then right after midterms (which ends next Monday), my lab report is due on Monday, prelab exercises are due on Tuesday, lab project report (~20 pages) due Wednesday, my software design document (~25 pages) due Thursday.

To make matters worse, I found out today I failed my work term report. Which means I get the joy of figuring out what went wrong, re-write it, and hand it in within three weeks. Great. On top of all those I still have classes, regularly scheduled labs, and other academic obligations. Oh did I mention that we have a fourth year design project presentation in two weeks? Plus we have to actually implement our software design, and finish coding up a microprocessor from the hardware level.

I am usually not the one to complain about the amount of work, because it comes with the notion that we *learn* from all these activities. However, I question if all these 'activities' are doing our mental health any good. They say they want us to have a balanced education - bullshit. I don't call spending two weeks in the library, having irregular eating hours (I have varied from having no meals to one meal a day, at various times throughout the day), maintaining an average of 3 hours sleep, and stressing 24/7 a BALANCED education. Instead of looking at the statistics, maybe they should interview the students and find out exactly what the workload is like.

[/rant mode off]

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