Monday, December 30, 2002

Merry Belated Christmas to everybody! It's been a while since I have babbled here, and there are millions of reasons why that happened. Let's try to recap my previous week's activities..

December 23rd - Shopping! Went to Square One and met up with Kenneth. Walked around the entire mall trying to buy everybody's presents. Realized that buying presents is harder than I thought.

December 24th - Christmas eve. The most uneventful day of the holidays thus far. Nothing happened today other than some last minute Christmas shopping with Adrian. Spent most of the day at Markville roaming from store to store. Didn't even have a chance to hit Best Buy. Bleh.

December 25th - Christmas day. Kenric and friends had a Christmas party, felt a bit weird at first but quickly got into the spirit of things. I haven't had this much fun in ages - a group of young adults playing children games. Pictionary was good. Killer was even better. The food was simply awesome - especially when I didn't have to cook. Really grateful these people put all this effort into making the evening a blast. Dessert took the night though - saw the incredible crepe maker. Gotta get myself one of those.

December 26th - Boxing day. AKA shopping madness. Went to Yorkdale at 11:30am - bad idea. Should have either gone at 8:00am or not gone at all. The lineup to get INTO the mall was 20 minutes, followed by a 30 minutes quest to secure a parking spot 15 miles away from the nearest entrance. Not to mention that the mall was packed like canned goods, and the stuff wasn't really that cheap. Every year I keep telling myself that it's pointless to go because (a) I'm not a girl, and guy's stuff never goes on sale and (b) I don't think my sanity is worth the savings I will gain from shopping on boxing day. Of course, much like choosing courses in school, I fail to acknowledge previously painful experiences and proceed to act on my own stuipidity.
Met with Michelle and Wendy, visitors from the United States for a couple of days. Had dinner, shot some pool and played some rather interesting photo hunt games. I need to wash my eyes.

December 27th - Dragged my guests to watch me get a haircut. Wasn't entirely my fault - Adrian had to get his roadkill off his head too. After which we had dinner at Commerce Gate. Arcades was excellent. YukYuks was really funny - although I think I was the only one who found it REALLY funny. What can I say, I laugh at everything. More like I try to laugh at everything. After spending months in the lab, anything ordinary can make me laugh.

December 28th - Attempted to eat at Market Village. Spent half an hour trying to locate a parking space, got annoyed and went to a nearby mall for similar food. Congee was very satisfying. Karaoke followed. 4.75 hours of singing = $10CDN. Not a bad deal at all. Surprised how horribly I sound with a mic - decided to cross out being a singer from my list of potential careers. Had dinner at Chinese Hut and ordered Peking duck. After which we went to Dave and Busters to play some silly arcades and skee ball. Adrian tried his hands at the Storm Stopper game and hit the bonus with one try. 500 tickets. Exchanged for a Tweety and a set of paddle ball. I suspect he might regret doing that, as those became weapons to hit him with during the ride back home. Also had some good ol' chinese dessert - although mine wasn't exactly good.

December 29th - More shopping. Had brief lunch at Chiu Chow Lo in 'sauga, then proceeded to Square One. Bought myself an orange fleece from Old Navy. Met with a friend of Adrian's, had Krispy Kreme and babbled. Gone to Chapters to look at more travel guides, bought a couple of books. Playdium in Mississuga is now a disappointment. No wonder the one downtown was closed after only a few months of operation. Last stop - bubble tea with 11 other people.

December 30th - Couldn't sleep. Slept for about two hours and then woke up unexpectedly. Blogging. Quite annoyed that I cannot fall asleep. I feel that the anxiety attack is starting to kick in.

Before you comment on how funny I talk, perhaps you would like to be reminded that I'm running on two hours sleep and it is 6:30am.

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