Friday, December 13, 2002

Yes I'm slacking off in the library again. Just came on to blog and explain to you why I have been so bitter for the past little while. I do realize that my blogs are becoming more synical and depressing, to say the very least. This has become my ranting ground, my escape from reality, my safehaven from the harsh truth. This has been truly, truly a crappy year. Things are going my way - sort of. Everything in my life comes with a little twist, a little 'zip', and a whole bunch of shit. Nothing ever really goes 'as planned'.

For example, consider my work term report. It is true that at the end I finally passed, but not without hours of torture and barely not making the resubmission deadline. Of course, along the way I sacraficed studying time and all. So the whole flow of the work report was: start thinking of a topic in july -> no topic in august -> panic early september -> finishing at 4pm on the day its due (due at 4:30pm) -> failed miserably -> put aside because of too much work during school -> panic a week before resubmission deadline -> work on it till wee hours in the morning -> barely making the resubmission deadline -> pass.

Take another example, my school work. Yes I'm not absolutely failing, but not without a lot of disappointment and stress. Midterms, I stressed. Projects, I stressed. Assignments and labs, I stressed. Even my fourth year project, I stressed (and failed the design proposal). Nothing comes without "blood, sweat and tears". Haha. Remind me to tell you a story about my "blood, sweat and tears".

So this is why I'm bitter. Byte me.

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