Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Arrived - and moved!

Driving a big truck is very annoying. Not only that you have to watch the overhead clearance, you cannot go through drive-thru, cannot park regularly at a parking lot, and all the cars give you the most recognized sign language on the face of this planet when they pass you. Thankfully, we got to Champaign-Urbana right on time and got the keys. The move from ground floor to third floor is HORRIBLE. So I have learned three more things in life:

1. Don't rent a place on the third floor when you have 20+ boxes to move.
2. A utility dolly is useless when moving up and down the stairs.
3. Evelyn is stronger than me now.

Took us a little over 4 hours to move everything from the truck into her apartment. All the boxes barely fit into her very very small apartment - and I mean VERY small. I am starting to question whether she can live there for five years..

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