Sunday, August 17, 2003

Farewell Party (Part 2) [AKA the Blackout Party]

Okay, so there was the big blackout on Thursday - on the day of Evelyn's farewell party at Lisa's place. Many people could not have made the party because they were stuck in traffic, but thanks to those who actually showed up and bid Evelyn farewell, we made the best out of a bad situation. Luckily enough, we decided to do a bit of BBQing that night so at least we had FOOD to eat. (something that a lot of people can't say on Thursday night)

Unfortunately, the lights didn't seem to want to come back on anytime soon, so we left shortly after 8:00pm because we fear that with no street lights, the chances of an accident is very high. Everybody seemed a bit teary-eyed when Evelyn said goodbye. Trekking an hour home with NO traffic lights was not fun at all. We saw a lot of regular civillians directing traffic, even in the heat wave that stroke the city around the same time as the blackout.

At least it was memorable :) We will always remember Evelyn's farewell by the blackout of Summer '03..

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