Friday, November 21, 2003


I really enjoy music - in all forms of it. Whether it be singing (I have a terrible voice), or enjoying a musical piece. Unfortunately, I still cannot play any musical instrument. My parents never made me learn piano or violin when I was little, and it never occurred to me to learn. To say I'm regretting this decision is an understatement. I wish I had at least learned the piano or something.

Went to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra with Lisa tonight, and enjoyed a night of Beethoven and Mozart. We got cheap tickets (similar to LiveRush in Ottawa) and sat right behind the orchestra, at the choir loft. It is certainly interesting to be watching a performance from this angle! I especially liked the Concerto between the violin, cello, and the piano. I never would have thought that these instruments that sound distinctively different individually would should so good together!

Looking forward to see another show next Tuesday. So glad to have found Lisa who also enjoys this type of stuff. Now I have a "Classical Music" buddy to attend these concerts with!

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