Friday, January 07, 2005

Busy New Year

Adrian left yesterday morning, and he left my place even earlier than me. (and I leave my flat for work REALLY early) I felt really bad because I don't think I was a very good host, mainly because I worked through the time he was in London. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I don't think I'm in a position to request for any vacations during the holidays when all the seniors in my team were off for two weeks. Hopefully he didn't mind that too much.

Speaking of work, the work volume increased exponentially since the beginning of the new year. It seems that this is similar to what is experienced by fitness gyms during the first month of the new year. A lot of people set goals to lose weight, or at least become more healthy, and so gyms are usually quite packed during the first few weeks of the year. Soon these people will get lazy, and the usage will return to normal levels. I am quite surprised to see many people working past 6pm! Back in November, I was pretty much the only person left at 6pm. (I still work crazy hours, in case you haven't figured it out)

New year resolutions... I guess I should set some. Even though I am probably going to break most of them...

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Adrian said...

You were a great host man. Don't worry about the work thing. I got to hang out with you and I saw London. Can't ask for more. Then again, one of a the sacrifices of working as a day trader. Alas.

Thanks again. Had a blast and can't wait to come back.