Saturday, July 09, 2005


Now that the dust has settled and I think everybody knows clearly what had happened. London was under attack by terrorists, and the various bombings around the city were orchestrated to go off at the same time. Although this pales in comparison to WTC a few years back, in terms of fatalities and scale of damage, it's still alarming that they could cause such a disruption in a metropolis.

I ended up walking home last night, through the foot tunnel across the Thames. It took me a little bit over an hour, and it was frightening. Seeing people on the street in a panic trying to get home, and those living in the suburbs.. I heard stories where cabs started charging twice or three times the amount, and other horror stories of my colleagues trying to get home. Somethings don't change - I heard of the same thing two years ago when there was the blackout of 2003 summer in Toronto. Some people in this society just tries to take advantage at situations like this, and it makes me sick.

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