Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Canada Day

This is the first time I have spent Canada Day outside of Canada since high school started. Unfortunately, that also means today is not a holiday and I went into work for a full day. Not to mention that my boss is away, so I've been covering for him and this "hot seat" is not an easy one to be in. A great way to start the day is by losing a bit of money..

As soon as I covered everything I needed to do at work, I dashed out the door and went home to get changed. By the time I got to Maiden Lane (where the famous Maple Leaf Pub was in London - they serve Canadian beer!), it was already packed with people. How crazy is this, in a foreign land, with so many Canadians celebrating the national holiday!

By the time I got there, the few Canadians from work were already there and queued up for beer already.. Now what would a Canadian celebration be without Canadian beer..

The festivities continued until the wee hours in the morning.. by that time, I wasn't exactly myself (some would argue that I am actually MORE of my true self at this stage, but we'll save this debate for a later date).. but as you can see, the street was just as packed at 12:30am..

After many six-packs, a bunch of us wandered (literally) to BK for a bit of midnight snack before trekking home on the infamous London night bus..

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