Sunday, September 04, 2005

Biscester Village

I didn't even know the concept of "outlet mall shopping" existed in England until today. Given that I figured out there were two shopping malls in the near vicinity, I automatically assumed that outlet malls just did not have its market here. Oh how wrong I was. Ladies and gents, here is proof:

Doesn't it look just like the outlet malls in Canada/US? I was surprised myself. One of Winnie's friends were visiting, and so I was dragged along to carry all their shopping. (Ahem, I also went around carrying Lisa and Lorene's shopping last summer while we were in London. I'm just a nice guy like that.)

Naturally, keeping up with the idea of "outlet mall", it was situated somewhere in between Oxford and London. We first took a bus to Oxford, then took a shuttle bus to Biscester, and then walked about 10 minutes to find this place. It wasn't very big at all - nothing like the size I was used to. Although I'm sure I could spend hours here.. or more like, the girls can spend days here. I must say that the selection is quite good here, with all the major names that you would expect.

Now only if I had a car here, then I could come here more often... hehehe...

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