Friday, September 30, 2005

Fugly Redefined

Generally I'm a nice person. No, really. There are those whom I make fun of constantly for the comedic value (you know who you are), but I wouldn't actually mean all those nasty things I say. If anything, there's more to be said about me than what I could say about others.

But once in a while, you really bump into people that you wished that your diplomacy and social conscience never existed.

While out for drinks with some brokers tonight at the Sanderson Hotel, a group of girls passed by us a few times. Feeling the effects after a few really good cocktails, one of the brokers started chatting one of those girls up.

Normally I wouldn't be opposed to talking to people in general, regardless of how they look. Surely, there is more incentive if the girl is pretty, but it's not like I'm planning to pick up or anything. But these girls were... let's just say, I would need to drown myself in all the alcohol they've got at the bar first..

Ah well, it was fun talking to them anyway. It seemed they were there far longer than we have, and thus, much more hammered than we were. Drunk people are fun to talk to.

(aside: one of my colleagues was with me also at the drinks, and he said that one of those girls had a pug face.. every time he turned around to look at her, he uttered "Pug!" under his breath.. )

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