Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Okay so our boys didn't really play their best, and we did lose to Switzerland.. but that didn't frustrate me as much as those Switzerland fans! There is supporting your own team, and then there is poor display of respect when they made fun of Canadian fans. What a poor showing of sportsmanship.. *sigh*

Despite the disappointing loss, it was a great trip to experience the Olympics! The atmosphere is what I really went for - everybody so pumped to support their home teams! (as a side note, when I boarded the plane early Saturday morning, it was basically packed with Canadian fans going to Turin just to cheer for the team as they were all wearing hockey jerseys) We walked through the main town in Turin and checked out a few places in the town... But let me just say that this town is NOT ready for the Olympics at all. We first had lunch at this little restaurant near the hockey arena, and afterwards we walked around for THREE hours to find every single restaurant booked out.. so we ended up back at the SAME restaurant for a 11:00pm sitting. How ridiculous is that.. Let's hope Beijing gets up to par and not embarrass themselves in front of the world stage!

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