Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gordon Ramsey @ Royal Hospital Road

I've done it. Finally the coveted three Michelin star restaurant in London was within reach, and I enjoyed a fine meal there last night. A broker invited me to this restaurant after stuffing me up last time when he invited all my colleagues out EXCEPT for me. Just as well, I wouldn't have had this opportunity to enjoy a fine meal here otherwise!

A little side episode before I arrived at the restaurant - I really had no idea where this restaurant is so I took a taxi from the tube station, and after getting off the taxi and walking into the restaurant, I hear the driver scream out the window, "I hope you choke while eating in there you wanker!" Umm.. okay.. I had no idea what he was going on about, but that put me in quite a bad mood because I don't think I've offended him in any way. That left quite a lasting image of London taxi drivers to me..

Otherwise, the food was fantastic. More than just fantastic, it was seriously deserving all my attention and I surely enjoyed every moment of it. We ordered the tasting menu which included all of Ramsey's famous dishes such as the lobster ravioli, and every bite was a new experience. Not to mention the wine that came with every course was just a perfect combination of the palate.. mmm..

Funny enough I bumped into Benedict's friend who had that party on Saturday at the table next to mine. Small world huh?

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