Friday, December 19, 2003

Christmas Party

I went to my company's Christmas Party last night! It was a lot of fun, and definitely the biggest Christmas Party I have been to! It was held at The Carlu, inside College Park in downtown Toronto. It had different 'themed' rooms, and many food stations scattered across the entire floor. I would say that there were at least 1000 people at the peak of the party. Food catering was done by none other but Sen5es - the same catering company who did the catering for the luxury car unveiling event I went to a couple weeks ago. The food quality was still excellent - I had a taste of this MINI-Hamburger which tastes every bite like a real cheese burger, but bite-sized! How cool is that? (I had like 9, hehe)

Did I also mention it was open bar until 9pm? I definitely took advantage of that (they gave taxi-checks for all the employees, and I was smart enough not to drive to the station yesterday morning). Drank about 5 glasses of wine and lots of shots/cocktails. Had some smoked meat, dumpling, salmon (it was so good), and tons of finger food. It was really fun chilling with my co-workers! I always knew they were very fun and dynamic, because they were so young and full of energy. Of course, being stuck in an office all day dampens the spirits a bit. However, after a drink or two, the 'wild' side started to emerge and before I knew it, everybody was having a blast!

The rest of the night was spent chatting with co-workers, dancing, and drinking away. Shared a cab to go home with another co-op, and found out the cab driver holds a Master's degree in Economics.. oooookay.

For those who have been to Christmas parties with me, knows about my theory regarding company Christmas parties. I shall not reiterate here since it is seen as 'weird' by some, but let me re-assure that it is the very fact and it happened again last night. Maybe one day I will reveal my theory - after writing a BOOK on it! (hence copyright my idea)

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