Monday, January 19, 2004

After a day of work.. now for a day of fun

Spent the entire Saturday working on the fourth year design project! It was awful - I literally spent 5-6 hours putting together our presentation video. However, I'm really proud of the fact that the video looks fantastic and now I know how to use Adobe Premiere :P

Today though, I met up with some friends for lunch. Someone inadvertently told me to meet at the wrong restaurant, which turns out to be owned by the same company but just different locations. It was okay though, we had a bit of a light chat over lunch which was good. It's nice to know that people still care even though you barely see them, especially when they called me to ask me out to lunch. I picked up Evelyn after lunch and played some MahJong (again!) with them. Lost quite a bit in the beginning, then won a couple of hands back. Somebody wasn't so lucky though.. hahaha.

Went to ToJ for dinner with Evelyn before she leaves tomorrow morning. It was really delicious, as I would usually expect from that restaurant. Met up with my friends again after dinner for a little bit of singing. Sorry people, I just had the urge. Sorry for keeping you guys out until such late hours (especially on the night before Monday!).

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