Sunday, January 11, 2004

Yet another birthday party

Today (oops, Saturday) I went shopping with Evelyn for most of the day, bought a couple of things that I needed to bring back to school. She was supposed to join me at night for Lisa's birthday dinner, but she felt really sick so she went home to sleep instead. Arriving at The Keg, I was quickly reminded of how cozy that restaurant always make me feel. Lisa invited several of her close friends (I'm so glad I was invited) to celebrate her birthday over dinner. We chatted and had a great time at dinner..

Unfortunately, one of Lisa's friends got sick so we went back to Lisa's place, so that her friend could get some rest. The few of us wandered around her basement - literally. Until a couple of us had the urge to play some MahJong.. of course, being the birthday girl, Lisa won one of the most unlikely hands against all of us. Thank goodness we weren't gambling with real money :P

After a couple more rounds we took off to Marché for dessert, and when the clock finally struck 12 o'clock, Lisa's mobile phone kept ringing off the hook. I guess that's what happens when you are popular :) We took off at around 12:30am, after everybody had their share of sweetness for the night anddesperatelyy needed some sleep.

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