Monday, April 12, 2004

Colours.. lots of colours..

Couple of us got bored today and decided to colour our hair. Actually, it all started with colouring one girl's hair because she's feeling adventurous. In order to get her to highlight her hair, another friend said that he would if she would. Now he is the type that has always been against colouring hairs (citing that it is a shameful act to our own ancestry?), but his willingness to put aside his differences made the girl more willing to try it out.

What started out to be an innocent session with two people evolved into all four of us getting some parts of our hair highlighted. There were still a bit of colouring dye left in the bottle, when I decided to 'lighten' up my hair, and 'repair' the look of another friend that had her hair coloured previously but the colour is fading..

Now my hair is lighter than before!

As for my friends.. well, the girl who originally started this session off is pleased with her results. The guy was shocked (and then pleased) with his new look. As for the other girl, well, she was freaking out that her hair is too light and I swear would kill me if it looked bad. I guess everything turned out okay at the end.

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