Sunday, April 04, 2004

Still sick.. bleh..

I'm still sick. What's wrong with me? Is it the stress? Or just the fact I don't want to study for final exams?

Yesterday I went to see the doctor. The doctor gave me some Advil Sinus & Cold and some Dimetapp for my cough. I frantically looked for a cheaper flight for my graduation trip, which ended up to be a little more expensive than the one we already have reserved. Bummed around First Markham Place for a while.. then Future Shop.. then Best Buy. It must be nice to have a lot of money, so that you can do the whole impulsive buying thing.

Hung out with some friends last night and today.. then I went studying (can you believe this?) with a friend at the local Second Cup. While I made quite a bit of progress in studying, a certain someone was stealing all my MP3s from my laptop..

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