Thursday, April 29, 2004

Post-School Syndrome

Now that I'm officially finished my undergraduate degree (yes, I checked my marks that matter, and looks like I should be graduating this coming June), I am suffering from this post-school syndrome. The feeling that everyday is a waste of time, and that I haven't been productive, or I should be doing something other than sitting at home or going out to eat.

Meanwhile, I have been getting myself involved with more to do back home. I signed up for audition in the new talent search hosted by the local television station, knowing full well that my singing would lead to suicidal behaviours (no, I'm serious, many of my friends can testify). Furthermore, I am getting involved in planning for the BuskerFest that is happening in August of this year, when I don't even know if I'll still be in the country for the actual festival. On top of this, I'm planning a small trip with a group of old (both in physical age and number of years we have known each other) friends over the weekend. Oh and not to forget the grand graduation trip starting next week.

Looks like I have successfully replaced my stressful school life with another stressful life of planning, organizing, and partying. Perhaps that is what I meant to do all along.. to kill myself from stress..

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