Thursday, May 06, 2004

Big Fish


I cried towards the end of the movie. It's true, I have eye witnesses that can prove my display of the sensitive me. Not that I'm particularly proud of that, but thought I'd write it down so in a couple of years, maybe I'll laugh at myself for doing so in front of so many people. I wonder if my teenage friend thinks less of me now - haha, who am I kidding, I doubt she had much 'respect' for me in the first place. I recall how I was when I was her age, and trust me, NOBODY was on my respect list, I owned the world at that point.

Back to the movie, it gets a highly recommended from me. It's quite an artsy movie - no action, a bit of humour, a whole lot of truth, depth, and inspiration. I think it takes somebody with a bit of life experience to truly enjoy the movie, and what each person gets out of the movie is very different. Actually it goes for a lot of films out there too. What you take away from the two hours of moving pictures, may be different than what the person sitting next to you feel, and it probably differs from the person sitting on the other side of you also. Not giving any of the plot or ideas away of this movie, but I must say that each action and each scene shown in the movie has its significance.. every word uttered by the characters meant a lot. High school English teachers would LOVE this movie, because even I can tear apart a whole bunch of metaphors and symbolisms.. and you know, teachers love that stuff.

Imagine, a theatre-full of people, having individual thoughts throughout the movie.. but yet, having watched one single movie, with the same plot, same dialogue, and the same ending. How intriguing..

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