Sunday, October 10, 2004

A little time off..

Finally the weekend arrived, and I spent most of the day shopping. Not exactly shopping for clothes, but taking some time off and walking around. Bought some rice (finally), and a bit of general groceries to last me a week. I was going to walk around a bit more, but carrying 5kg of rice wasn't exactly a good time to walk around even more.

I know that I have been quite long winded with my blogs, describing everything I do in detail. Then again, I do it for the sake of my own self. I am usually quite forgetful, and having this blog reminds me of things I shouldn't forget. Much like what happened tonight.

In fact, I just got back from a party at the interns'. They have this really sweet pad, and they decided to throw a party (it was also because it's one of their birthdays). A few of my colleagues also showed up, and we had a great time talking. It's really good to meet my work mates outside of the work capacity, because these are all very interesting people. I mean it when I say that a part of the reason why I'm here is because of the people I'm working with.

In any case, after much drinking and chattering, the party died off when a few people got excessively drunk (and that would not be me). A senior colleague of mine got a minicab with his girlfriend, so I had to find a way home myself. I ended up walking across the Tower Bridge, and stumbling around to find a bus home.

On my walk across the bridge, I remembered the time when Evelyn and I walked across and took lots of pictures during the day. It seems to have taken on a different persona at night, a majestic and mysterious aura came from looking at the lit up tower. I started to sing to myself, seeing that nobody was around. Tears ended up flowing from my eyes, and I don't even know why. I stood there staring into the Thames, wondering if I would ever understand myself. I had a moment there - I reminisced about the times I spent walking along that bridge during my last internship, and how my life had changed significantly.

Took me about half an hour to find a bus that took me closer to home, and another fifteen minutes to wait for the bus. Eventually I missed my stop and had to backtrack a little bit. Bumped into a few post-clubbing chicks, which stopped me and insisted to tell me how good black girls are in bed. (They were black, yes) It was quite an interesting encounter, as they were very surprised that I had such a different accent and insisted on chatting with me. After about ten minutes, one of the girls got impatient and nagged the other two to leave. I proceed to walk home.

I think by being a bit more adventurous (walking home by myself at 3am in suburban London is something not many people would dare doing), I end up learning a lot more and seeing a lot more. This is what I want, to see and understand the world in different lights. I don't want to be narrow-minded and think on only one dimension.

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