Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Meaning of Happiness

It's true that little things make people happiest, as I have always been a keen believer of doing "little things" in a relationship. I remember insisting that big presents were not necessary, but small and little gestures would make me much happier. In some strange ways, it shows that there is a certain level of caring and love. It all came very clear to me as I was taking the train home tonight, after having a full day of BBQ fun with some friends I met here. Everybody seemed to be at peace with themselves, even though they all have their lives on their backs that trouble them. It was a really fun day, which definitely gave my mind a rest apart from the hectic lifestyle I live.

Last night I took some time out and had a wonderful dinner with a classmate in my training class. It wasn't cheap, but it is to celebrate my week's work is finally over. I discovered that in order to stay reasonably sane, I need to "reward" myself once in a while. Perhaps this is the meaning of happiness - to strive a balance of neutrality towards life in general, when life shoves a lemon tree up your bottom.

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MiDNiTiE said...

I can tell you that it really hurts, does that help? One lemon is enough to make me cry.