Monday, October 11, 2004


If it hasn't been obvious that one of my hobbies is singing, then you haven't been reading my blog enough. I don't think I sing very well (unless you think William Hung sounds great), but I truly enjoy the act of singing. Perhaps my inability to play any musical instruments had some influence on my feeling towards singing, but I see that as my only way of producing decent entertainment for myself. This also explains why I enjoy going to karaoke so much - I get to sing with music accompanying my voice (hence covering my terrible singing voice).

Since relocating myeslf to a city where karaoke is not as mainstream as back home, I haven't had a chance to visit any karaoke places. (partly because there's only ONE place, and it's 1.5 hours away by train) My only "outlet" is singing at home to the limited collection of music I have with me. Especially with me stressing out throughout the week, singing in the shower is the only time when I can really relieve that stress.

So today I made a bold move - I joined a small local choir to sing Christmas carols. At the same time I can maybe improve my singing a little, so I will be at least presentable when out with my friends singing again. Hehehe.. oh who am I kidding, all I really want is an opportunity to sing with other people. It's so much fun!

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Adrian said...

Or you can become Britain's version of William Hung. :) Go create a CD that abuses Elton John's songs or something. :P