Friday, November 18, 2005

Broker Dinners

Just making note of another broker dinner last night.. because as much as I go out with them for dinners or other events, I will not let myself forget that this is still really cool. Guess sometimes people lose sight after being desensitized to the glam, and once in a while I need to ground myself.

We went to Nobu (the new one, not the one near Park Lane) for some really exotic food and lots of sake. Actually, almost my entire department went this time. Half way through dinner, this new graduate throw an entire glass of wine over me... that was *NOT* cool. Oh well, I tried my best to stay calm and even laugh a little. Kept reminding myself that accidents do happen.. so does death and merciless beatings :)

Today was another write-off at work as I tried to stay awake..

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