Thursday, November 24, 2005

Unable to drive!? Me??

I went for my first driving lesson here tonight. Yes, I've been driving since I legally could back in Canada(and that's a long time ago). Thus, you must all be wondering why I'm learning to drive, let along taking lessons. To start off with, they all drive on the wrong side of the road (instead of the "right" side, hehe) here. Oh, and it seems that they have not evolved too much in automotive technologies in this country, so to have automatic transmission here is a luxury. I'm learning how to drive manual...

What I discovered tonight, is that after a year hiatus from driving, I can no longer maneuver a car. I had problems with just keeping the car straight and driving at a decent speed. Adding to that is a) night time b) manual gear box c) wrong side of the road. The result? Car stalling every turn, over-steering, almost hitting posts/cars parked on the street... it was a disaster!

Maybe my ambition to get my license by the end of the year is not as easy to achieve as I had originally thought.

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