Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jump Board

Towards the end of the day, a colleague of mine asked if I had some free time after work for a quick drink. After evaluating my options between doing nothing at home or going out for some social time, I quickly agreed to meet him at the pub just around the corner from work.

Turns out that this colleague wanted some career advice. He actually works in the "backoffice", sort of a support staff but very vital to the business. Being as junior as I am, there is not much pull or advantage that I could offer to him. Instead, I gave him honest advice and what I have seen in the past year that I've worked at this firm.

This is not the first person I've seen trying to jump from being in the "backoffice" to a more business-oriented role. Either that, or they just jump from firm to firm every so often. The mean turnover rate in that department is somewhere between six to nine months. Is it that bad to work in that team, or do people just use that as a jump board to get better (paying) jobs?

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